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**Sponsor Chiles Athletics**

Chiles Athletics has 3 ways in which you can support athletics and promote your business on our website and at our events.

The first platform is our business signs.  By purchasing a sign at the stadium and/or in the gym, your business logo will be visible at the hundreds of games at our facilities.
Please click her to download the document needed to support our program with a business sign.

The second platform is our Chiles Radio station.  By purchasing an ad on this platform, your 30 second commercial and 4 second stinger will be played at hundreds of home events during the school year at our facilities.
* Please contact Mike Eto, Athletic Director at 850-488-1756 ext. 210 for more information.

The third platform is an advertisement banner on our website, in which we currently average over 17,000 hits per month. This platform allows you to create a banner that is displayed on our website.  Please contact our VNN rep., Paul Dunteman, 616-930-4100 x.214, to create your banner today.