Timberwolves News · Wolfpack Distance Club Info

To all parents of athletes (runners) in middle and high school who wish to participate in the Wolfpack Distance Club running program, we will be starting on Monday, June the 8th, at 8:00, at the soccer field parking lots on Millers Landing, just off of Meridian.

We will meet each day, at different trails, throughout the week,  always at 8:00 a.m.  We are typically done,  at the latest, by 10:00, depending on how far the athlete will be running. Each child will run a distance according to her/her fitness level.

The cost of the program will be $300 for the summer.  Please have the check made out to Wolfpack Distance Club.

Due to the current situation, please have athletes bring their own water bottle, and PLEASE remind them to NEVER share a bottle.  Also, depending on the number of athletes showing up,  I will do my best to send them off in smaller groups and will be sure

to remind them to keep at a safe distance from one another. Please, again, be sure that you, as parents, constantly remind them of the importance of being safe. I will not be running the trails with them , so I am trusting that they will monitor themselves as much as possible,

so anything that you can do to that end will be very beneficial.

There will be certain days that I will not be there over the summer, and I will always give sufficient “Heads-up ” as to when that will be . Please feel free to email me at phillipsm@leonschools.net if you have any questions.

Here is the weekly meeting schedule:

Mon- Soccer Fields on Miller Landing

Tues- Miccosukee Greenway Park (where bathroom facility is)

Wed- Tom Brown Park ( meet at Playground parking lot)

Thurs- Soccer Fields at Miller Landing

Fri- Miccosukee Greenway