Chiles Student Field Trip & Club Registration

General Registation

  • Permission for Supervised Field and Activity Trips

  • During the school year, it sometimes becomes desirable to add to the educational experience of our students through planned visits to points outside of the school building. The visit might be a short field trip to a local point of educational interest, or on the middle and senior high school level, it might involve representing the school out of town in some group activity, such as band, chorus, athletic, academic, service club events, etc.

    We request that you grant permission for your child to participate in any such trip during the entire school year so that we may keep this form on file and avoid the necessity of asking for such permission on each occasion. The Leon County School Board has authorized the use of buses, private passenger cars and those approved vans that meet all of the Federal Safety Standards to transport students to any such trips. Notification will be provided to you concerning the type of transportation to be used. School officials will provide trip itinerary for all out of county trips. 
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  • Medical Release

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  • Insurance

    As parent or guardian of the student identified herein, I understand that the School Board of Leon County is not liable for injuries to participants in school activities. I further understand that all students shall be required to have proper medical insurance before they will be permitted to practice and participate in any co-curricular activity or field trip program. 

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